Support is a tap away Support is a tap away

Users of the Silva CMS have a full range of support options, including speedy chat channels, community mailing lists with archives, a managed bug tracker, and professional support. If you need immediate help the best medium is IRC. You can refer to code snippets on pastebin. For less pressing problems try sending a mail to the mailing list. Usually somebody from the community replies shortly. The list has the advantage that you can include longer descriptions and mails get archived. For bugs that need to be tracked and fixed there's a dedicated bug tracker. Professional support is available via similar channels as well as the telephone. Local talent can be found in most countries.

Support Channels

Professional Support

Various companies can provide support for Silva and its related web infrastructure. The makers of Silva, Infrae, offer SLAs and support services. If you would like to find local support see this list of related companies. Their personnel are known to the Silva developers.

Silva Bug Tracker

If you find a bug in Silva you can report it on the Silva Bug Tracker. Please explain exactly, step-by-step, how to reproduce the problem. All reports get read and assigned a priority depending on severity. Other resources lie Silva Translations, are also hosted courtesy of Launchpad.

Silva Mailing Lists

The Silva Mailing Lists are high-signal, low-noise, spam-free lists. You must be registered in order to post messages. The Silva-general list is for users while the Silva-dev list is for developers. Found a mistake in the user or technical documentation? Report it on the appropriate list.

Silva IRC Channel

For quick questions, or just to kibbitz with the developers, join the Silva IRC channel on:, #silva. Many people keep their IRC client open 24 hours so you can leave a message at any time of day. However bugs that need fixing should be reported on the Silva Bug Tracker.

Corporate branding

Would you like to make Silva more suited for your organization? You can brand the UI with a custom logo and house colors in five minutes.

Extending Silva

Interested in developing Silva layout themes or a custom extension? Developers should consult the Silva Developer documentation section .