Howto use the VirtualBox image

Installing VirtualBox

You can download and install VirtualBox from the website.

Using the Silva image

You need first to download the image from the website. In order to reduce the size of the download, the image is compressed. To uncompress it:

After start VirtualBox and click on add a new Virtual Machine.

Please type a name for your virtual machine and select Linux under type and Debian under version:

New VirtualBox: Name and type

After click on Continue. Please type 1024MB as Memory:

New VirtualBox: Memory size

After click on Continue. Please select and existing virtual hard drive and select the uncompressed image you downloaded before:

New VirtualBox: Select disk image

You can now click on Create. Your virtual machine is almost ready:

New VirtualBox: Created machine

All you need is to click on Network to modify the network options. Please select attached to Bridged Adapter and under name the network interface used on your computer to provide you internet. In this case this is a network cable so en0:

New VirtualBox: Configure network

After this modification you can start the VirtualBox image:

New VirtualBox: Start

If there is a DHCP server on your network, the image should get an IP from it, and you should see it in the console (here, bound to It is possible due to your personal network you don't get an IP. In this case you will need to configure it by hand. You can after type this IP in your web browser in order to access the Silva server:

New VirtualBox: Silva is running!

For information about access and password please refer to the page where you download the image.