Virtual Machine Images

You can download here virtual machine images containing a Linux installation (Debian 6 aka "Squeeze" 32 bits) running Silva 3.0.3.
Once started, Silva will be available (running a demo site) on port 80 of the virtual machine.


The image for the virtual machine is available in various formats. We recommend to use either VirtualBox or VmWare. For the configuration of the virtual machine, please allocate at least 1Go of RAM and 1 CPU. In order to access the Silva site will need to configure a network interface as well. Depending on the configuration you will be able to access the Silva site only from the host OS or from the network too. You can download the images from here:

Virtualbox icon

silva_vm.vdi  : VirtualBox disk image

You can follow this howto in order to use this image.

VMWare icon

silva_vm.vmdk : VmWare disk image

ISO icon

silva_vm.iso  : Plain disk ISO

This is Silva 3.0.1, please read the specific notes about the ISO in the section below.

You can find older versions of those virtual machine images here.


Using the ISO image

The ISO image contains a full Debian installation 32bits. It is recommend to import it inside a virtual machine, as you won't be able to use Silva directly from it since ISO is a read-only format. You cannot boot from it and use Silva directly from it, or mount it and use Silva from the mounting directory.

Downloading the images on Windows

In order to reduce the size of the download, the images are compressed using the BZip2 format. On Windows, you can uncompress those using the 7-Zip program.

Silva installation

Silva is installed using buildout in the home directory of the silva user:


You can modifying it to add third party extensions, and or upgrade it. You can refer to the technical documentation for more information.

It is automatically started when the virtual image boot using a SysV script, /etc/init.d/silva. If you need to start it, stop it or restart it manually, you can do it a root with the following commands:

Task Command
Start Silva
service silva start
Stop Silva
service silva stop
Restart Silva
service silva restart
Verify the status of the Silva service
service silva status

Silva runs on the port number 8080 with the silva user. Apache is installed and redirects the requests from the port 80 to 8080.

Users and passwords

The following two user accounts are available:

Root user for administration purposes

Silva user used by the Silva installation

Futher documentation

Further Silva documentation is available at: