Get Silva

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There are various ways to get Silva running. The complexity depends on the purpose. For simple test drives or installations, you can download a virtual image or request a cloud instance. More technical users can also do a custom buildout installation  on a local machine  or on a production server while others might want to request support to get their new site rolling.

Demo site

demo-site-website-demonstration.jpg is where you can try out the CMS and test all Silva features. The content gets overwritten nightly so any work will be lost.

Demo credentials:
username: demo
password: d3m0

Get a Cloud Instance

Silva in a Cloud

Fill out this form to get Silva in a Cloud to request a cloud instance that has Silva and a webserver pre-installed from Infrae, the makers of Silva. Your email address will be required.

Get a Silva Image

Virtual Machine Images

If you want to give Silva a quick spin for evaluation download a virtual machine image which has a pre installed and configured Silva installation.

Get Silva Installed

Automated installation

automated-installation-sit-relax.jpg Credit: ministryofstories

Silva installs cross platform and is best installed using an automated install framework called buildout. Find install instructions on the Silva CMS documentation site

Hosting Silva

Silva runs in a WSGI stack and any provider that offers a full stack can host Silva. The recommended component is uswgi (installed by default with a WSGI buildout). If you would like to get Silva running at a provider see this list of providers who have experience with these environments.

Silva Software Extensions

All the Silva software ever released is available in the Download Area. This includes core components, dependencies, extensions, and code sources. These extensions allow you to tailor the CMS to your needs.