Silva tips

Enabling browser Spell checking

By default a right click in the editor will show you the editor option menu and not the browser options. If you would like to render the browser options for using for instance the browser spell check you can do this by doing a 'ctrl + right mouse click'. On a Mac this might be Command-Option + right mouse. You will then see the browser menu in which you can select the option to Check Spelling. For correcting words after a spell check, do 'ctrl + right mouse click' on the word you would like to correct and select the correct word from the spelling suggestions.

Full path referenced image

If you double click in the editor on an image, the image properties pop up will render. This shows you the title of the referenced image. To find out the full path of the image, hover with the mouse over the image icon. A tooltip will show you the full path of the image.

Uploading multiple assets

You can save time when uploading multiple assets like images by using the import function. By using this feature you only need to upload one .zip file with all the needed assets.

Silva Code Sources


Place the code sources in the root of your Silva website, this will make it easier to maintain.


Prefix your own custom code sources with for example your company name or initials so they are easier to find.


If you make a custom code source based on a original Silva code source, make sure to also change the title so it easy to distinct in the editor which code source you are adding.

Unfolding content groups

By default certain content groups like “Assets” are folded, make sure to unfold them if you need to work with them.

Using the filter function

In big sites it can be hard to find your content in the content stack. The Filter option will make it easier to find your content by narrowing down the listing. The "Filter..." is located on the right in the Content screen above the content listing.