What are sprints?

Sprint originalCredits: Richard Jones

A sprint is a multi-day session of intense development organized around extreme programming (XP) ideas such as pair programming.

Who organizes sprints?

Sprints are most of the times organized by the or part of the community that would like to join forces to realize or improve features. Organizations that use Silva can also organize sprints and let the local community or development companies work on various topics of interest. Sprinting is not always done in a physical location, but can also be done remotely. Remote sprints are although less productive as pair programming and other XP programming is harder.

How to organize a sprint?

Best is to check if the community is interested in a sprint, and after that best is to make a blueprint of all the sprint topics. After a full list is ready it is time to plan in the sprint. Chose a location and date so that all people can attend. If a key player is missing, the sprint end result might become disappointing. Read our full sprint checklist and our sprint tips for more detailed information on organizing a sprint.

How to announce a sprint?

After all details of the sprint are agreed, best is to also announce the sprint details on the SilvaCMS.org site, so that you may find even more sprinters that can help achieving goals. Just contact the community on irc as described in the support section, and someone will update the site asap.

Sprints held in the past

Sprint archive