FileSystem Content Tree

The purpose of this blueprint is to define a Silva extension that will allow Silva users to use files on the file system as assets in Silva.

It'll be possible to read files from a Samba mount point, or an NFS, or anything that is made available on the file system.

Content Type

This extension will provide a new folderish content type in Silva, a file system mount point. You won't be able to add any content in this content type.

In addition to the identifier and title, the add and edit form will let you define:


Files available on the file system will be available as assets in Silva, and directories as Silva containers. The directory tree on the file system will be reflected in Silva.

All files will be downloaded through Silva, like other Silva assets. No content will be copied into Silva, and no synchronization will be needed.


Authors will be able to reference assets in a Silva Document or Silva Link using the reference selection widget. However, if files on the file system get moved, the references will be broken, as it impossible for Silva to track changes on the file system.

Cases where the mount point is moved or renamed in Silva will be handled.