CMIS Content Tree

The purpose of this blueprint is to define a Silva extension that would let connect  a CMIS document repository to Silva.

Content type

This extension will let people add a new connector content type in Silva. This content type will behave like a folderish content, but won't let people add any content in it. Instead it will list content coming from a CMIS document repository.

In addition of the standard title and identifier, the add and edit form of this content type will let you define the parameters to connect to the document repository:


CMIS content will be viewable in Silva afterward, following the same content tree than the one defined in CMIS. CMIS folders will be seen as Silva containers, and CMIS document as Silva assets. All  CMIS document will be download through Silva, that will act as a download proxy. To the user, it will seems that the content comes directly from Silva.

No content will be copied into Silva, and no synchronization will be needed. However a configurable cache will be used, in order to limit the load Silva might trigger on the CMIS document repository.

Silva Metadata would need some refactoring in order to be less clumsy, that would make it possible to see the CMIS metadata correctly in Silva.


Content listed in the connector will be usable in Silva Document, and as target to Silva Link using the reference selection widget. Those content will be still linked as a reference, so if they are moved, the reference will not be broken.


The time needed to implement this into Silva 3.0+ would 10 days.