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Silva Hosting

Silva cloud hosting

Silva runs in a WSGI stack and any provider that offers a full stack can host Silva. Below is a very partial list of providers in various European countries that offer WSGI-based hosting.

Providers in the developer network

The Silva developers have good connections or experience with the following parties that are in their first-degree network.


Gocept logo
The premier Python-based provider in Europe is probably , managed by Gocept in Germany. Think "Operations as a Service" for Python web applications. They run the infrastructure and an open, Linux-based platform. Their people have contributed to Silva and have long experience and expertise with the entire software stack.


Unbit logo

In Italy Unbit is a good club. Their people have created uwsgi which we use in the Silva WSGI stack.

RedTurtle logo

Active participant in Python communities, sponsor of the inimitable EuroPython conference.


PilotSystems logo

Pilot Systems
Motivated club that has hosted Silva on its groundbreaking Objectis service. 'Groomed' Silva's lead developer.

Emencia logo

Active player and contributor in the Python community. Often hosts sprints in Paris.


Lots of companies with expertise here, as Silva got its start in the Netherlands.

xs4all logo

Some of the infrastructure for developer communication is hosted with xsrall n the Netherlands. Various Silva sites are also hosted there. They have a long track record as one of the first providers in NL.

Fourdigits logo

Four Digits
Willemsplein 44
6811 KD  Arnhem
+31 (0)26 442 270

GWW logo

Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe
Schuitendiep 3
9712KD Groningen
+31(0)50 589 1631

Proteon logo

Rotterdamseweg 183C
2629 HD Delft
+31 (0)15 268 255 7

Zest logo

Zest Software
Hoefsmidstraat 41
3194 AA Hoogvliet
+31(0)10 295 9251

Is your company not on this list? Contact us.



Arvixe logo

Located in California, Arvixe provides everything you need, including a free installation of Silva, to get you up and running quickly.


Worldwide: have a look at this up-to-date list of providers that support Python:

Top Ten WSGI Hosting Providers in Top Sites
Top ten WSGI Providers

This chart shows the most popular hosting companies for mod_wsgi as a percentage of their total coverage for that hoster in the top sites.

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