Search Engine Optimization

Silva SEO

Silva offers a solid SEO base out of the box, combined with optional extensions the marketing department will be satisfied.

Title Tag Customization

Title tags to be customized on a page-specific level by the editors.

Keyword Rich URLs

If you would create a document with the title "Silva comes out of the box with a solid SEO base", you can give it an ID "silva-comes-out-of-the-box-with-a-solid-seo-base" which will become the last part of the URL to the content. This ID can later always be renamed. Combined with the extension to permanently redirect links you assure that old links keep working.

Short URLs

Providing short links to your website content makes Social media sharing much more effective. Authors responsible for marketing can make and manage short URLs within the CMS.

Metadata Customization

The metadata can be updated by editors and is exposed as soon as the content is public available.

Internal Anchor Text Flexibility

The anchor text on internal links can be easily added and updated in the WYSIWYG editor.

Content Structure

Silva uses a hierarchical content structure which make it easy for editors to structure their content and therefore also the URLs. There is no need to mess around in the taxonomy of your website.

Permanent Redirect Functionality

Provided by the Silva Permanent Redirect Link extension this gives you a proper re-direction of content when necessary. Permanent redirect links are valuable for expired content, pages that have a newer version, and dodging keyword cannibalization issues.

XML/RSS Pinging

All content containers in Silva like Silva Folders can expose their content as a feed and keep your site audience up to date with changes on your site, published on their site.

Image Handling: Alt and Caption Tags

Silva allows you to set and alter Alt and Caption tags in the editor so that search engines can index extra valuable information for images.