Silva maintenance

Robust and secure

Silva is a robust and secure CMS build on a mature web framework, limiting the risk of data loss and delivering high availability. It's used for years by large organizations hosting lots of big sites without reliability issues.

Save time and money

Low maintenance costs

Maintenance can eat up a lot of hours and even worse budget that could have been used for giving your clients and users extra features, eye candy, ..., etc. As Silva is robust and reliable the low maintenance costs will help you focusing on delivering what your clients and users expect.

Less security burden

Silva is build on a solid web framework and has proven to be very secure over the years. The found security vulnerabilities over the last years are hard to exploit and were quickly followed with an easy to install security patch. This saves a lot of maintenance burden as there is no need to install every month or even worse every week security patches.

Few bugs

There will always be bugs in software, and we will never say Silva software is 100 percent bug free. We do a lot of efforts using test driven development to minimize the number of bugs and the potential impact of a bug. Building on top of a robust well tested web framework facilitates this even more and saves times focusing on new features and major improvements. Every major upgrade also gets tested before an official release.