Flexibility content

Flexible content

Silva provides an easy solution to make attractive and complex page layouts without the need of programming or hiring a developer.

Within a modern site some content like home pages, section pages need that extra touch to make the content more appealing and stand out. Silva can provide this using External Sources and the Content Layout extension.

External Sources

External Sources allow you to integrate and style content coming form or generated by an External Source. An External Source could be an image gallery showing a slideshow of images in you Silva site, a feed of News items in your site, ..., etc. There are no boundaries putting you site content together.

More information on External Sources.

Content Layout extension

If your flexibility wish is still not satisfied you will be happy to here that Silva can even be more flexible installing the Content Layout extension. This extension allows you the create Silva Pages that use a Page Design filled with slots, that can be filled with textual content and External Sources. These sources can than be arranged using an intuitive drag and drop. Depending on the rights, the user will be able to add and updated content in a slot. This is not where it stops, by using Silva Page Models you can redistribute a preconfigured flexible content setup all over your site. Authors will only be allowed to update and change the content are allowed to change.

More information on Content Layout.

Example of flexible page layouts

A selection of page layouts using the same content but giving it a different look and feel.